There’s a cider for everyone

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Cider is Green

Orchard biodiversity | Carbon fixing orchards | Cider making – lower energy process
Cider is a Wonderful Community

Community orchards | Cider clubs | Cider characters | Supporting rural communities
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UK Apple Varieties Used for Cider

Each with their own unique flavours, properties and characteristics
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Different Cider Styles

From West Country to Méthode Traditionelle
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UK Cider-makers

Cider is booming! New producers are launching every month
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UK Grown Apples

apples grown in the UK are used to make cider

Discover: There's a Cider for Everyone

  • There is an amazing diversity of cider styles
    • From bone dry to unctuously sweet
    • From zingy and crisp to bold and earthy
    • From still and silky to brisk and bubbly
    • Front pint to flute
    • From pale to pink
  • There is a huge range of occasions to enjoy cider:
    • The ultimate thirst quencher on a summer’s day
    • To be paired with food – fish – and salads – and beef, as well as pork & cheese
    • To be popped in celebration

Discover: Cider is Green

Cider is a truly sustainable drink:

  • Carbon fixing and till-free, orchards act as proxy woodlands, support a wealth of flora and fauna and are wonderful places for improving physical and mental health
  • Making cider uses considerably less energy than many other beverages
  • Crafting cider supports the communities and economies of rural regions, as well as the landscape

Discover: Cider is a Wonderful Community

  • Cider brings people together
    • Community orchards & pressing days
    • Cider clubs
  • Cider is made, and consumed, by a diverse and inclusive range of people
    • Young and old
    • Rural and urban
    • Men and women
    • All colours and backgrounds
  • Cider people have interesting lives and stories
    • Rock star turned cider merchant
    • Cider maker and Proclaimers tour manager
    • Farmer with a philosophy degree
    • Hotelier turned champagne cider maker

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Featured Cider Stories

A curated collection of positive and inspirational stories from the world of cider

Cider Events - what's happening in the cider world?


Why we need to 'discover cider'

“Cider is more than just a drink – it is a community, a culture and a deeply held passion for some people, such as me.  We want you to #DiscoverCider so you can explore the full breadth of opportunity in this fun, friendly and diverse drink.  You might be surprised what you find!”