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August 18, 2020by discovercider3975

Ninety producers entered last year’s Stable Cider of the Year Awards. And, in a staggering turn-out for the award’s second year, over 15,000 votes were cast. Flashback to April when dozens of entries were whittled down to give a shortlist of ten ciders. Then everyone spent the summer sampling! With votes cast left, right and centre, the suspense built to the grand finale… Who would come out on top?!

At the Cider Awards Final in Bournemouth, the votes were tallied and Crafty Nectar No.8 rhubarb cider blew the competition out of the water! It must have been the blend of apple and rhubarb that won everyone over – a winning combination, it seems!

Ed and James started Crafty Nectar as a cider subscription service, growing into the UK’s no.1 destination for craft cider. Early success in the booming craft cider market inspired them to make their own cider in collaboration with Celtic Marches. Born from the flavour profile of thousands of cider drinkers, Crafty Nectar created the world’s first and best craft-sourced ciders. Since then, they have won three medals at the International Cider Challenge and have now scooped up one of the most coveted awards in the industry – The Stable Cider of the Year 2019!

Ed Calvert, CEO of Crafty Nectar said : “ Forget artificial flavoured fake ciders, our fruit cider is the real deal! Made with a base of the finest West Country apples and then blended with fresh Yorkshire rhubarb juice, it shows that consumers place value on quality ingredients but with a modern twist. The Stable cider awards is the best competition in the UK at the moment. Not just because we won it, but because the 15,000 people tasted, compared and discussed cider. It’s putting cider back on the map in the UK.” 

Crafty Nectar No.8 was up against some of Europe’s best cider producers from Hallets Cider, Mad Jacks Cider, Gospel Green, Bumblebee Cider, Pilton Cider, Ramborn Cider Duddas Tun, Nightingale Cider and Silly Moo. There was a style of cider for everyone, from scrumpy to keeved. Not only demonstrating ciders complexity and versatility as a drink, but how much fun cider can be, capturing the public’s hearts (and tastebuds) in the process.

The Stable’s Cider Ambassador, Ross proudly says, “the engagement this year from our customers was fantastic, it just proves that cider is on the rise, and more people are open to trying new and exciting ciders. We are proud to host an award over the summer that allows the consumer to vote and decide who wins. Big congratulations, Crafty Nectar!”

Thank you to everyone who voted – we know it was thirsty work!