sustainabilityReasons to Bee Grateful in Warwickshire

This year has certainly brought many challenges, but one silver lining has been the vast improvement in air quality, allowing some parts of nature to bounce back. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me here at Napton Cidery in Warwickshire that there were a lot more insects buzzing around this spring. With fewer cars on the roads, days seem like the Sundays we had when we were children: less noise, less bustle and much cleaner air. This can only be good news for our pollinators. Increasingly under pressure from the use of pesticides and pollution, it seems like our flying friends are getting a year off for once.

Did you know that there are over 16,000 known species of bees? Sadly some of these species are endangered and many more are in decline. We owe so much to bees – they are the main pollinators of around a third of our food supply and they’re also responsible for our honey. Not to mention they’re essential to making Napton cider!

According to the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, we can help our lovely bees by planting “nectar cafés”, which also make beautiful additions to your garden. If you have a little spare time, or if you’re looking for something productive to do with the children, why not give your garden a glow up whilst also providing nutrition and a resting place for our brilliant bees.

By Jolyon Olivier – Napton Cidery