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October 20, 2020by discovercider0

As Britain embraces Apple Day on October 21st, Discover Cider has called on the nation to make cider their year-round tipple of choice.

Despite difficulties caused by the pandemic, in the last seven months, Britain’s drinkers have embraced a wider variety of cider styles than ever before. Now the campaign suggests throwing out “cider is only for summer” preconceptions and instead thinking of seasonality, style and occasion.

“Cider is as diverse as the wardrobe of Elton John,” says drinks expert and tv personality, Olly Smith. “Whatever the mood and moment, from rich depth to soaring sparklers, there’s a cider for all seasons, food pairings and budgets. Dive in!”

Change is happening within the world of cider, as journalist and food & drinks matching expert,‘s Fiona Beckett, notes: “There’s been a real revolution in cider over the last few years which has totally transformed its image as a summer drink down in the pub. Now that so many ciders are being bottled in full-size bottles it really deserves a place on the table and with other food, not just hearty British favourites like pies, sausages and casseroles.

“Due to its natural fruit sweetness it can easily handle a bit of spice,” she continues. “It’s as good with a curry as it is with a kebab, but also goes brilliantly with the vegetarian and vegan food so many of us are incorporating into our diets these days.”

“If you drink seasonally, winter is the time when you’re looking for depth and richness, for example, red wine or malt whisky.” says Adam Wells, cider columnist, He continues: “Cider can provide a lot of depth with late-season bittersweet apples, high in tannin and rich in phenolics, such as Yarlington Mill and Chisel Jersey; or through the use of oak barrels and extended maturation, or production styles that promote richness and depth, such as keeving and ice cider.”

“The need for this campaign is greater now than ever before,” says Discover Cider campaign manager, Gabe Cook. “Cider is in a time of strife with the terrible impact of Covid-19 on sales, and the subsequent lack of demand for apples this harvest. If cider moves beyond simply being a choice for summer, reversing the decline in cider sales will save orchards from being grubbed up and pump much-needed resources back into the rural economy.”

Heading into November, the campaign will be amplifying its support for pubs, bars and restaurants by featuring them on, and issuing campaign posters like the one featured here, to assist them in sharing the variety offered by cider.

“We are asking all sellers of great cider to get in touch so that we can put them on the Discover Cider map,” says Cook. “Join the revolution and send us an email at”

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